The production of seedlings and planting material
Julski Muskat

Julski Muscat

It was obtained from an unknown seed in Bekecsaba- Hungary. It’s wide-spread the most in Hungary, but is also grown in other countries of the southern climat.
Ripe fruit is small, compact, cylindrical. Grains are middle large, green yellow, round with thin skin. Flash is juicy, has muskat taste, and is middle lushy. In order to get the fruit to ripe early sunny positions are required, and we also need a lot of rich, soft soil. Blooming and fertilization is normal. It ripes in July and adapts to different ways of growth. Cropping is middle, and so is the resistance to diseases. Affinity to soils is good.

ROOTSTOCKS: Berlandieri X Riparia: KOBER 5BB; GM 13-45-5; SO4; SO4 762; SO4 102 TELEKI 5C
Berlandieri X rupestris: PAULSEN 110