The production of seedlings and planting material
Afus Ali

Afus Ali

Vine is of a very good vegetative potential. Raceme is large, loose, and has a conical shape. It weights from 200 to 500 g, and in some extraordinary cases it can weight up to 1-2 kg. Grains are large or very large, and have an egg-like or date palm-like elongated shape. This is a very yielded cultivar, and the yield mass goes from 18 000 to 25 000 kg/ha, and if it gets irigated properly yield can get even bigger.

Mid late
ROOTSTOCKS:Berlandieri X Riparia: KOBER 5BB; GM 13-45-5; SO4; SO4 762; SO4 102 TELEKI 5C
Berlandieri X rupestris: PAULSEN 1103