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Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc

Pinot blanc is a genetic mutation or clone of pinot gris, which is in turn, a clone of pinot noir; all members of the Pinot family are among the most ancient of vitus vinifera variations.All pinot blanc clones are characteristically high in acid and low in aromatic intensity, making it desirable as a sparkling wine component. The smell of pinot blanc, in fact, is very light indeed, non-distinct, and nearly neutral; this seems to increase the aroma influence of terroir and vinification. Pinot Blanc wines are balanced with high acid and can be full-bodied.

Mid early
ROOTSTOCKS: Berlandieri X Riparia: KOBER 5BB; GM 13-45-5; SO4; SO4 762; SO4 102 TELEKI 5C
Berlandieri X rupestris: PAULSEN 1103