The production of seedlings and planting material
Beogradska Rana

Belgrade early

This cultivar has a lushy vine. Grains are middle sized, with yellow-green scarfskin. Raceme is big, cylindricly-conical in shape. The raceme weights from 200 to 300g. It’s a very yielded cultivar, and it’s yield varys from 20 000 – 25 000kg/ha. Cutting is mixed, arcs are being cut to 8-10 “okac”, and kantharos are cut on 2 “okac”. It’s middle resistant to fungi diseases. It ripes early. Strum contains 16-18% of sugar and 6-7 g/L of acid. Grapes have neutral taste and is pleasant for eating.

ROOTSTOCKS: Berlandieri X Riparia: KOBER 5BB; GM 13-45-5; SO4; SO4 762; SO4 102 TELEKI 5C
Berlandieri X rupestris: PAULSEN 1103