The production of seedlings and planting material
Demir Kapija

Demir Gate

Demir Gate is a very early table cultivar made in Radmilovac, by crossing of two cultivars – Muskat Otonel and Vineyard Queen. Grains are middle sized or large, round, with yellow-green scarfskin. Raceme is middle sized or large. it weights from 120 to 290 g. it’s a very fertile cutivar, it’s yield goes from 10 000 to 15 000 kg/ha. Cutting is mixed, arcs are left on 8-10 “okac”, and kantharos are left on 2 ”okac”.

ROOTSTOCKS: Berlandieri X Riparia: KOBER 5BB; GM 13-45-5; SO4; SO4 762; SO4 102 TELEKI 5C
Berlandieri X rupestris: PAULSEN 1103