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Crna Ribizla Titania 1


This cultivar of black cuttant is caracterized by large racemes with quality and juicy fruits. Titania is relatively new cultivar, originating from Sveden. Out of all known cultivars of black currant, Titania has the best resistance to low temperatures. It is also caracterized by having a good resistance to illnesses and pest. It’s recommended for growing on a slightly acid or neutral soils. Position should be exposed and mid-shady. In its full strenght bush of Titania grows up to 150 cm in height and as much in widht. Fruits are large, with a distinct, rich aroma. Because of intensive and very specific taste, fruits are mostly used for making jems, juices… Fruits are full of vitamin C, and therefore have a beneficial effect on digestion and health.

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ROOTSTOCKS:Ribes aureum