The production of seedlings and planting material


This cultivar has a horizontal roots, which goes up to 60 cm in depth. The root is dark-gray. The trunk is not very branchy and its dwarfing. The tree top is usually wide or it has a wide pyramidal shape. Branches are with short internodes, and give fruit all over its length. Buds have nearly egg shape, they are gray colored with a smooth surface.
Fruit of this cultivar is small, it weights about 3 g, it is round. Scarfskin is dark red and thin. Flash is red, middle firm, juicy, tart and aromatic. Juice is intensively red and full of soluble dry material, sugars, acids and vitamins. Stone is small and it can easily be separated from the fruit. This cultivar is good for transporting and it can remain fresh up to 5 days.

Mid early
ROOTSTOCKS: Prunus avium; Prunus mahaleb; Colt