The production of seedlings and planting material
Novosadska Rodna

Novosadska fertile

This apricot was created by selection from natural population in 1987. Trunk is middle lushy, with round to wide-round crown. It gives fruits mostly on the mixed fertile branches. It has brittle branches. It’s a very fertile cultivar and procreates too much, braches can get broken, and therfore the fertilazation should be regulated by cutting.

It blossoms late, 2-4 days after Hungarian best. Fruit is middle large to large, the shape is long and round, a little flattened on the side, light orange, with a bit of blush on 25-35% of the fruit. Flash is orange, aromatic, very tasty and it’s easy to separate from the stone.

Mid late
ROOTSTOCKS: Prunus cerasifera; St. julien