The production of seedlings and planting material
Cacanska Rana

Cacanska rana

It originates from the institute for fruits and viniculture in Cacak. It’s the result of crossbreeding between Vangayhime and Pozegaca. It has a lushy trunk with rare pyramidal crown. Branches in the crown are very well overgrown with burgeons. It gives fruits on the annual branches. It has a large leaf, with oval shape. Flower is large with well developed breeding organs.

Fruit has a long-egg shape. Scarfskin is thin, purple-blue, on the exposed side it’s dark blue. Flash is yellow, juicy, middle firm, sweet-tart, aromatic. it contains 14,8% soluble dry matters. Ripened fruits fall easily. Stone is large, it has long oval shape, it can be separated from the flash. Stone weights 1,9 g. it ripes 7 to 8 days after Ruta, at the end of June, and the beginning of July. When fully ripened it can not be kept very long. Transportability is well.

ROOTSTOCKS: St. julien; Prunus cerasifera