The production of seedlings and planting material
Santa Maria

Santa Maria

This is a middle early summer cultivar which ripes 8 days before ‘Viljamovka’ in the middle of August. It has large to very large fruits, that weight 150 to 250 g and they have a flattened shape. Fruit’s skin gets secondary lime yellow colour, and on the exposed side it gets a nice red colour.
Flash is juicy, aromatic, soluble, with a bit poor taste due to the lack of sugar. The smell is weak. The trunk has a lushy growth and is incredibly fertile. It blooms middle late. It’s middle sensitive to late spring frosts, and it’s sensitive to scab. It requires later and soft cutting. The fruit is short lasting and they quickly become mealy, so they can be kept in freezers up to 2 and a half months.

Mid early
ROOTSTOCKS: BA 29; MA; MC; Pyrus communis