The production of seedlings and planting material
Bella Di Giugno

Bella di Giugno

This cultivar is coming from italy. it ripes at the end of June, about 46 days before ‘Viljamovka’. it blooms middle early. it stands out because of it’s great fruitfulness. Trunk growth is middle lushy to lushy. it has relatively small fruits, that weight about 60 g. Fruits have a long and pear-like shape. Skin is dry, smooth and shinny. Basic skin colour is light green with stainy spots, and on it’s exposed side it gets a nice blush.

it’s prone to fast overriping. Fruit flash is pale yellowish, sweet, juicy and very aromatic, with middle poor taste due to a lack of acids and sugar. The flash contains small sklerenhim cells. it gives fruit regularly, it blooms early. it’s a diploid cultivar. it has a middle lushy and pyramidal growth. it forms a poorly developed treetop.

ROOTSTOCKS: BA 29; MA; MC; Pyrus communis