The production of seedlings and planting material


This is old cultivar, which comes from Great Britain. its one of the most spread pear cultivars in the world. it’s a late summer cultivar whose fruits ripe around 20. August. Large fruits (225 to 250 g ) can be used in a fresh shape or processing, especially in making juice or very famous rakija ‘Viljamovka’.

Fruits are pear-like and with prominences on the surface. The basic fruit colour is light green, and while ripening it becomes lime-yellow. The small brown lenticelas can be seen on the scarfskin. Flash has small grainy structure and very fine texture, yellow-white colour, sweet and juicy. it has a full taste with a specific, very srtrongly expressed muscatel arome and smell.

it blooms middle late to late. it’s a diploid cultivar. it gives fruits early and regularly. it has a middle lushy growth and a good ability of branching. it can be held in a freezer for 4 to 5 months. it breeds up to 800 m elevation. its considered a irreplaceable cultivar.

Mid late
ROOTSTOCKS: BA 29; MA; MC; Pyrus communis